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2021 Top Rated: Best Long Range Scopes for Shooting

long range scopes

2021 Top Rated: Best Long Range Scopes for Shooting

If your goal is to regularly hit targets at 1000 yards, you’re going to need a high-quality rifle, precision match-grade ammo, and a high-performance optic. There’s simply no other way also the best marksman can complete high degree accuracy by merely factor shooting. Precise range capturing is impossible without a high-quality scope.

However, discovering the appropriate optic for range shooting is no easy accomplishment. Rifle scopes are pricey, as well as you do not want to invest lots of money just to find your optic isn’t matched for the job. That’s why we’ve compiled this interesting overview. Use it to help you pick the most effective lengthy variety scope for your capturing requirements. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Long Range Rifle Scope

Not all rifle scopes are produced equivalent. Some are much better at distance capturing than others. So what makes a scope suitable for extreme distance shooting? Here are some points to look for.

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It’s tough to hit what you can’t see. If you wish to sound targets at distance, you undoubtedly need to be able to see those targets. A magnifying scope helps you do just that.

The first 1 or 2 numbers on an extent’s tag show its zoom. These are the numbers that precede the x in the extent’s designation. Larger numbers before the x suggest you can zoom in more detail on far-off targets.

Nevertheless, the quantity of magnifying required for lengthy variety shooting is often appropriate to your target dimension. Shooting big video game like moose, elk, or bighorn sheep at 300 lawns doesn’t call for the same level of zoom that popping groundhogs from the very same distance calls for. Usually talking, the smaller sized the target you’re shooting, the extra magnifying you’ll require from your scope.

Magnifying is typically the first thing shooters think about when acquiring a scope. While magnification is an important feature in a long-range optic, it isn’t the most crucial attribute. Bear in mind, you can’t hit what you can’t see. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Get a low-cost scope with inadequate glass high quality, as well as it could appear like you are peering with an all-time low of milk glass, particularly when dialed into the highest magnifying. Magnification is absolutely nothing without resolution, so do not think that huge zoom numbers immediately indicate you’ll be better able to see those distant targets. Along with zoom, seek a scope with high-quality glass that is completely multi-coated.

Fixed vs Variable Scope for Long Range

A fixed power scope supplies one degree of zoom as well as one degree just. When considering the label of a set power scope, you will certainly see a single number before the x. This number shows the range’s one degree of magnification.

Repaired power scopes are typically cheaper than their variable power cousins. They additionally often tend to be less difficult and also use a lot more forgiving capturing experience for unskilled shooters.

Variable power scopes use a variety of magnifying, allowing you to focus or out for various shooting conditions. The zoom array on a variable scope will have two numbers divided by a dash preceding the x. A 6-12x range has a magnification of 6 times at its least expensive setup, as well as the picture will appear 12 times bigger at complete magnification.

Not only do variable scopes cost more than dealt with power scopes, yet they are also a lot more challenging to run. They can be more difficult to zero in and need parallax adjustment. Variable scopes are additionally bigger as well as heavier than the basic fixed power optic. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

So why would you want a variable power scope? First, they are unbelievably versatile, enabling you to fit a wide variety of capturing “work.” Variable ranges are likewise well-suited for lengthy variety capturing because they have a bigger field of view (FOV), rise light transmission for brighter twilight capturing, as well as come in handy for eliminating mirage distortion (which can be a severe problem as the warmth comes off your barrel).

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Objective Lens

The number that follows the x on the tag suggests the size of the objective lens in millimeters. The unbiased lens (situated at the end of the range closest to the target) is normally larger than the rest of the range.

The job of the unbiased lens is to allow in light. Much like huge home windows brighten a space, a huge unbiased lens creates a brighter photo, specifically in low light problems.

Huge unbiased lenses (50mm or bigger) are common in long range shooting since a large unbiased lens enhances the picture quality at the high-end of the scope’s magnifying range. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

However, huge objective lenses do have some downsides. Scopes with a large objective lens are big and hefty, which just isn’t practical in several searching scenarios. Their large size likewise needs you to install the range higher. As a result of the scope’s elevation, getting a correct cheek weld and also an excellent sight picture at the same time can be hard, which can create major precision concerns.


Several different reticle styles are useful for long range shooting. Which style works best is largely a matter of personal preference. Whatever design you choose, make sure it has MIL or MOA marks of some sort. These marks will help you effectively compensate for windage and range.

MIL vs MOA for Long Range

MIL and MOA are angular measurements that are highly useful in long range shooting. Here are the basics:

  • MOA (Minute of Angle) is a measurement of 1/60th of a degree
  • MOA is equal to 1.047 inches at 100 yards.
  • MIL (milliradians) is 1/1000th of a radian.
  • MIL is equal to 3.6 inches at 100 yards.

The argument on MIL versus MOA is relentless, and since each has its own dedicated fan base, this argument won’t be resolved any time soon. However, the truth is that one isn’t any better than the other. They are basically two different ways of expressing the same thing. Just be sure you know which system your scope uses.

First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane for Long Range Shooting

The location of the reticle within the scope is important for long range shooting. A first focal plane (sometimes referred to as “front focal plane” or FFP) reticle is bound to the scope’s magnification. This means that if you zoom in on a target, the reticle grows proportionally to the magnification.

A second focal plane (SFP) reticle doesn’t change size with the magnification. Because it is static, an SFP reticle is only valid at one magnification. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Most long range shooters prefer an FFP reticle because they can use it to effectively compensate for bullet drop and windage across the optic’s entire magnification range.

Parallax Adjustment

Раrаllах is the optical effect that occurs when your reticle seems to shift when you move your head. This effect makes the target’s position appear offset from the reticle center.

Parallax usually happens when using a scope at higher magnification, and it can be a serious issue at distances over 250 yards. Without adjusting for parallax you can easily miss important shots.

Some scopes are “parallax free,” meaning the parallax is set up internally and locked in place for all ranges of magnification. However, parallax-free scopes are usually designed for low range shots (less than 400 yards).

When shooting long range with a variable power scope, you need to adjust for parallax, usually with a knob located on the side of the scope. When parallax has been adjusted properly, the reticle will be locked in place, no matter which way you shift your head.

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Target Turrets

All riflescopes have windage and elevation knobs to help you zero the optic at a set distance. However, the turrets on most scopes are small and have a low profile.

If you plan to shoot long distances, a scope with target turrets can be a major asset. Target Turrets are specialized turrets that are tall, easy to turn, make tactile or audible clicks, and have external markings to represent MOA or MIL. Long range shooters use target turrets to make fine adjustments for wind and range. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best Long Range Scopes on the Market Review

Here is a list of what we consider the best long range scopes available to the modern shooter.

1. Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25×56

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This Schmidt & Bender scope has well-earned credibility for being the very best of the very best in long-range scopes. A popular choice for police and armed forces snipers (thus the PM classification), this optic sets the sector criterion for top quality and reliability.

Significant competitors shooters additionally enjoy this optic for its charitable magnification and wide array modifications.

The inconspicuous Dual Turn turret layout is passed on the most effective in the industry. Not just are modifications crisp as well as easy to really feel, however, there is also a noticeable rotational sign that changes shade to indicate one complete rotation.

You can choose from a range of reticle designs offered in the very first or second focal plane options. We extremely suggest the FFP H2CMR. Similar to a common Mil-Dot, the H2CMR reticle makes counting holdover and modifications incredibly simple. The reticle is adequate at the most affordable zoom, but it really sings at 25x. You likewise obtain a beautiful well-lit view photo at 25x with ideal edge-to-edge clearness.

Probably one of the most impressive aspects of the PMII is its picture quality. Schmidt & Bender uses top-notch glass as well as an innovative optical layer to maximize the scope’s light-gathering capability. This converts right into crisp, intense resolution, even in low light. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

2. Leupold VX-3i LRP 6.5-20x50mm

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This scope from sector leader, Leupold, is simply what you need to take your long range shooting to the next level. Lengthy Variety Accuracy (LRP) is right there in the optic’s name, and this point really supplies.

Supplying match-grade repeatable accuracy, the Leupold VX-i LRP features easy-to-read, zero-stop adjustment dials. The target-style click turrets supply simple 1/4 MOA adjustments for windage as well as altitude.

The scope has an ultra-lightweight layout built to stand-up to punishing recoil as well as tough use, making this scope suitable for hunting with you.300 Win Mag or.338 Lapua. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

The FFP reticle multiplies with the picture for a less complicated array estimate, and also Leupold’s proprietary Golden Max Light Management System removes glow, supplying maximum edge-to-edge clearness. It likewise prolongs your shooting time by collecting offered light for a far better presence in reduced light shooting scenarios, something large game seekers will certainly like.

Another premium attribute worth stating is the side emphasis parallax modification that allows for simple focusing from any kind of shooting setting. We likewise enjoy the incorporated, quick-turn toss lever that gives immediate zoom adjustments.

This is hands down the very best ranked lengthy variety scope for under $1000 you can install on your rifle.

3. T-Eagle MR PRO 4-16X44SF FFP First Focal Plane Hunting Riflescope

T-Eagle is the recognized worldwide leader and innovator of optical sight technology. During all these years, we have seen that the T-Eagle rifle scopes have revolutionized long-range to short-range moving target shooting techniques and have become the number one choice for reliability, durability, and performance. The T-Eagle MR PRO 4-16X44SF FFP offers T-Eagle clarity and quality at an outstanding price.

The first thing that stands out in this one is clarity. T-Eagle uses the best proprietary lens system and multicoating to deliver 92% light transmission and an incredibly bright and clear image, even in the dusky light. The clear glass combined with an ample 44mm objective lens makes this model a solid choice for hunters and competition shooters who often shoot in low light.

The eye relief and zeroing system are more than adequate for a .308 rifle. With the long eye relief, this scope could easily be mounted on a rifle with heavier recoil and is tough enough to hold a zero even if you’re the type who’s rough with their gear.

This is probably not the right one for shooters looking for versatile, tactical performance. T-Eagle prices this one far below half of what any .308 rifle costs, but the First Focal Plane Reticle is perfectly capable of hunting scope for the medium game that the .308 round is perfect for, and hitting targets at the far end of the .308 performance curve.

4. EOTech Vudu 5-25x50mm

long range scopes-6

If you’ve ever before made use of EOTech’s holographic views, you know exactly how easy it is to love them. It’s also pretty easy to fall for this super brief long range riflescope.

Without a doubt the shortest optic on this listing, EOTech embraced this squat style so you can easily add night vision or a thermal device. Its dimension (simply over 11 inches long) makes this the ideal range for AR-15 or various other short system rifles. As a matter of fact, this super-compact optic looks right in the house on a contemporary sporting rifle.

The EOTech Vudu features very clear XC high-density glass for excellent light transmission as well as sharp photo clarity. It additionally comes with an MD3 FFP reticle that pops at 5x, 25x, as well as everything in between. Far away shooters will certainly additionally value the throw lever fast magnification modifications and also the push-button reticle illumination with 10 illumination settings as well as a two-hour automatic shutoff.

The elevation turret’s secure location, as well as the windage turret, is topped to stop unintentional modifications. However, when you do need to make modifications, the turrets are operatively specific with strong, audible clicks. They likewise enable you to re-index to absolutely no without any hassle. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

5. Primary Arms PLx 6-30x56mm

It might surprise some shooters that Primary Arms landed on our list of the best long range scopes. Best known for producing budget-priced optics, Primary Arms busted into the premium optic scene with their PLx series of high-end scopes.

Manufactured with high-quality Japanese glass and a 56mm objective lens, the PLx delivers images that are bright, clear, and crisp from edge to edge. The PLx also offers some features you would expect to see on a premium long range scope, including precise click adjustments that are both tactile and audible, easy zero-reset turrets, and a full lifetime warranty.

The 6-30x magnification range on this scope is ideal for reaching out past 600 yards. The first focal plane DEKA AMS MIL reticle is an updated version of the combat-proven Mil-Dot commonly used by military forces around the world. This uncluttered reticle design is compatible with any caliber and features 5 MILS of holds for easy ranging on extreme distance targets.

It features full red reticle illumination that stays true through the range of magnification. The reticle is night vision compatible on the lowest illumination setting but is easily visible in full daylight on the brightest. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

6. Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30×50

Zeiss is famous for producing some of the best optical equipment in the world, and their Conquest V6 riflescope makes it easy to understand why. It features state-of-the-art, high light transmission glass (92 percent) with T star six-layer multi-coatings, fluoride lenses, and a wide field of view. This means you’ll experience crisp, high-contrast images even when you’re shooting in the twilight.

The Conquest V6 also has a special LotuTec protective lens coating that repels water, fingerprints, and dust, so you have a crystal clear, unhindered view in all kinds of weather. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

The exterior of the scope is also built for tough weather conditions. Built with both a hard shell and hardcore, the Conquest V6 has a high-quality seal to protect your optic from rain, snow, and sweat. You can trust this scope to operate reliably even in extreme temperatures, whether you’re shooting in the sub-Saharan desert or on the Arctic tundra.

For extreme distances, the Zeiss Conquest V6 has an ultra-fine illuminated reticle that produces minimal target coverage, even at the strongest magnification level. Only a fraction of the thickness of human hair, this reticle operates on a fiber optic system for serious precision on the smallest targets at the greatest distance.

The Conquest V6 makes a fine varmint scope, although it feels right at home zinging steel and busting bullseyes in competition.

7. Swarovski X5i 5-25×56

Swarovski scopes are well-known in the shooting world for their precision and clarity. In those regards, the X5i doesn’t differ much from other Swarovski optics. However, the X5i has more to offer than brilliant optical quality. Swarovski has added some serious premium features that make the X5i rifle scope stand out in the field of long range optics.

One feature that will excite serious long range shooters is the revolution windows on the scope’s turrets. This unique feature allows you to quickly and easily see which revolution you’re on, preventing costly mistakes when dialing out past a full turn. With 20 MOA of adjustment in each full turn, losing count of your revolutions is easy. Now, all you have to do is multiply the number in the window by MOA and you’ll know exactly where the scope is set.

Swarovski also added a “sub-zero” option that allows you to dial 10 MOA below your set zero. The sub-zero feature increases the versatility of this scope, allowing you to shoot accurately beyond your zero without sacrificing short-range accuracy.

If you need a long-distance scope for a high-powered rifle, the X5i has you covered. Built with thicker walls in the main tube and integrated steel parts in the turrets and inversion system, this scope provides maximum stability, even atop the most powerful calibers. If you want to use this long range scope for deer hunting, it works as well for .30-06 as it does on your .338 Lapua.

8. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50

Vortex Optics isn’t usually considered one of the heavy hitters when it comes to rifle scopes. However, they do produce respectable optics at prices most shooters can manage to squeeze into their budget. Priced right around $1000, their Viper PST Gen II riflescope delivers considerable value for the money.

This scope has surprisingly brilliant glass quality. With extra-low dispersion glass, fully multi-coated lenses, and Amortek protective coatings, you get the type of crisp resolution and color fidelity you’d expect from a much more expensive optic.

Long range shooters will definitely appreciate the Viper PST’s laser-etched turrets, adjustable parallax, and RZR zero stop. These tactical style turrets deliver crisp, clean, audible clicks with the perfect amount of resistance. Even if you’re a turret snob (and what long-range shooter isn’t?), these turrets will not disappoint.

The Viper PST has a finely detailed illuminated FFP reticle that really shines at maximum magnification. It may be a little cluttered for some shooters, but those regularly shooting extreme distances will appreciate its detail for holdovers, ranging, and windage corrections. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Long Distance Tips and Tricks

When shooting long-distance targets (especially those out past 1000 yards), precision is key. Even the smallest inconsistencies can have negative effects on accuracy that intensify with every yard of distance. Here are a few tips and tricks to help improve your long range shooting.

Don’t Skimp on Your Scope

You might find it hard to spend big bucks on a riflescope, but the quality is essential in long-distance shooting and quality costs. Your scope is the most fragile and complicated piece of shooting equipment you will own. You just aren’t going to find a decent long range riflescope for under $500.

If you want to really excel at long range shooting, plan to spend more on your optic than you did on your rifle.

Learn to Breathe

Every time you take a breath, your body moves. Although slight, every inhales and exhale creates a shifting of your rifle sights. To minimize the effects of these tiny movements, squeeze the trigger on the natural respiratory pause (the space between breaths at the bottom of the exhale).

Follow Through

It can be tempting to jump off the weapon after the shot. However, after the shot breaks, stay with your weapon. Maintain your cheek weld and continue the trigger squeeze. Follow the shot all the way to the target.

Zero to a Higher Standard

Most deer hunters making shots under 300 yards are happy if they can get three shots in an 8-inch circle (about the size of a deer’s vital area) at 100 yards. Precision long range shooters won’t be happy with that level of precision.

If you want to be a successful long range shooter, hold your zero to a higher standard than the average hunter. The goal should be 3 consecutive rounds within a 1-inch square at 100 yards.

Choose the Right Ammo

Consistent accuracy requires consistent ammunition. Many serious distance shooters choose to hand load their own ammunition to ensure it is loaded to very exacting standards.

If you don’t have the time or desire to load your own, at least opt for loads that feature a Sierra MatchKing projectile. These are some of the most precise bullets ever made. Hope this post could help you find the best long range scopes, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Final Thoughts

Shooting long range targets is a thrilling challenge. Whether you’re busting paper bullseyes, pinging metal targets, or dropping big game animals, long range shooting is incredibly addictive.

While professional snipers and serious competitors make hitting marks at 1000 yards look like a piece of cake, accurate long-range shooting isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. However, choosing the best long range scope for your shooting discipline will make it a whole lot easier.

T-Eagle always offers high-quality rifle scopes at a friendly price, our mission is to provide you with an excellent shopping experience. If you have a large order and also other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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